Mahoning Valley Sojourn to the Past invites you to join us for a candlelight vigil on Sunday, December 27, 2020 in front of Mahoning County Courthouse at 4:00 PM for the two Black men killed in Columbus, Ohio this month.

Andre Maurice Hill, 47, was killed by a Columbus policeman on Tuesday, December 22nd.
Casey Christopher Goodson, 23, was killed by a Franklin County deputy sheriff on December 11th as he entered his grandmothers’ house.

Hill’s death is the 7th Black man to die at the hands of law enforcement officers since June, 2016.

Henry Green, 23 – June, 2016
Tyre King, 13 – September, 2016
Kareem Ali, 30 – July, 2017
Nadir Jones, 30 – July, 2017
Julius Tate, Jr.,16 – December, 2018.

Be sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing when you come.

Bring your cell phone, which we will use for our candlelight vigil.