MISSION STATEMENT: To enable individuals to participate in educational activities that encourage personal growth and that equips and encourages them to act for social and economic justice.

OUR FOCUS: We are Mahoning Valley Sojourn to the Past, of Youngstown, Ohio. Our organization, which currently participates in conjunction with Jeff Steinberg, the founding director of Sojourn to the Past, takes high school students on a leadership development, life changing, history immersion journey to the Civil Rights sites of the South.

Our student leaders, meet the “foot soldiers” of the Movement and learn the lessons of social and racial justice, nonviolence, civic responsibility, hope, compassion and tolerance. Our student leaders learn to “NEVER BE A SILENT WITNESS” with the goal of aiding the next generation in incorporating each of these lessons into their daily lives and become ambassadors of nonviolence and leaders for social and racial justice in their homes, schools and community.

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