October 1, 2010

Resolution to Adopt the First Week of October as an
Annual Nonviolence Week on the Campus of Youngstown State University
YR 2011-28
WHEREAS, the principles of nonviolence that changed our nation were instrumental
to the Civil Rights movement for equal rights; and
WHEREAS, the University is firmly committed to equal rights and equal opportunities
and recognizes nonviolence in all of its forms, which include the prevention
of violence against physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment,
coercion, and/or other conduct that threatens or endangers the mental or
physical health or safety of a person; and
WHEREAS, the City of Youngstown and Youngstown City Schools, have also
adopted the first week of October as Nonviolence Week, which was spearheaded
by students in the Mahoning Valley Sojourn to the past program, under the direction
of Penny Wells, a retired teacher;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of
Youngstown State University does hereby adopt the first week of October as
Nonviolence Week on the campus of YSU to be celebrated yearly through the
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity in collaboration with the Office of
Student Diversity Programs and the Student Government Association with the
assistance of campus student organizations.